Swarthmore College - Cracow University of Technology Environmental Program

The Environmental Engineering Department (EED)

The Environmental Engineering Department (EED), is one of the seven departments of the CUT. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate studies in three study majors: environmental engineering, environmental protection and civil engineering to almost 2500 students. The Department's research and teaching position is particularly well recognized in the fields of water and wastewater treatment, water supply and sewerage, water engineering and management, and air protection. It employs 241 teachers and researchers including 32 professors and 73 Ph.D. holders. The EED is the Polish leading center for research in integrated biological wastewater treatment and its employees have been consulting the construction, extension and/or renovation the most of major wastewater treatment plants in Southern and Eastern Poland. The EED participated in educational project under TEMPUS program and in research projects under FP5 and FP6. For over 15 years the EED closely cooperates with the KTH on different projects related to advanced wastewater treatment, energy and material recovery from sewage sludge, and integration of urban sanitary systems. For seven years Swarthmore College, has been participating in teaching cooperation with Institute of Water Supply and Environmental Protection (EED).